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Welcome to the enchanting and sometimes frustrating world of children.
As the grandmother of 5, our road has been rocky but my five survivors of abuse,
well they now
live in a world of peace and happiness and are living  normal lives.
The trauma that occurred will remain private, but I wanted to dedicate this page to them as a reminder to us and to others that things do happen to  "normal folks".
it happens too often. To protect their privacy I have designed the pages without pictures (maybe someday when they are older).
There are many links here designed to help you if you have a problem with family violence.
  If you have links you would like to share, please write to
me and I will be happy to add them.
      If you are an unhappy person prone to these situations there are links for
you here also.
This is a family problem which affects friends, neighbors, family,
Just everyone!
      If someone you know has a problem please help them.
And if you know of
any woman, man, or child who is living this nightmare,
then as a fellow
human you have a God given duty to help and support those who are in need. Please help, because if you do not get involved... Then I ask you
      I am single. I got no child support for doing this,
and at times I thought I would buckle under the emotional and financial pressure.
I assure you I am not singing my own
praises nor patting myself on the back.
I tell you sincerely that you can be the caregiver
for your kids in need if you  want to be.
      With Love and Thanks I dedicate this page also to the other caregivers who loved us enough to get involved and help us through this.
You have no idea how many will tell you that you are crazy to get involved
and they will tell you that you cannot do it.
You can beleive in the
negative or fight for the positive.
I beleive that families are forever and
that if we don't get involved,
then we help to raise a generation of
children that do not feel secure in the knowledge they are loved.
      As a parent I made mistakes. In my quest to save my grandchildren I have
made mistakes.
But this is my affirmation to all who stop by here.
I have
never been sorry to keep them from foster homes and having the God given right to know each other and me.
      I hope that you have fun here.
And if you need someone to talk to please write to me, or follow one of the links.
      May God Bless Each of You!! And would you please sign the guestbook?
promise to write to all who choose to stop in and stay awhile. 

This site established 1998. ALL graphics on THIS FRONT 
page are owned by Auds
Copyright 1998. Please do NOT take them from my site.



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