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I began my Internet experience with penpals when I
first got on the 'Net in 1996.  A lady wrote to me and
I had not a clue who she was n or where she had gotten 
my address.  I did go take a look at her website and 
joined and watched this  new list grow.  Toward the end
of that year, I had made many friends with the group 
and things changed regarding policies and types of 
posts that could be posted.  After watching many of 
my friends leave and crying for my loss -- Yes, it was 
a loss you see. Well I had friends that thought I had a 
talent for bringing folks together -- Well that is when 
Forever Friends was born.

It has now been four years with an average of 200
members and many were both on the first list and
others have come and stayed and we  have become 
a family. Ask them , they will tell you:-)

Many will tell you it is most unusual for an Internet
group of friends to hold fast and not fight. I  am not 
saying there have not been disagreements -- there 
have been -- but as friends, most have worked it out.
It's a simple philosophy in believing in the good of our 
fellow man. 

I get up each day like many others just thinking  I have 
to see what folks have sent in: be it jokes, recipes, 
thoughts, trivia or an issue to debate, or tears to shed 
at someone's loss of pet or family or friend. Also, to 
be able to pray for those I know who are suffering, 
we do keep one another posted.

I have met several of my pen pals and have an open
invitation to anyone coming to Flagstaff to stop by or
stay for days. It is the most rewarding of experiences
to get to hug someone you have shared such wonderful
things with, including your innermost secrets. And to
finally have a face to go with the name and feelings I 
have expressed with that person is awesome and so 

We do find that we get to writing madly to one, and 
then to another, and as time goes by we find we are 
writing to the same individuals and I hope in my heart 
their Forever Friendship has been born. Sharing about  
personal lives, kids, family ,dreams and hopes and so 
much more.

We have had various swaps over the months and I am 
a sentimentalist and all these bits of my friends sitting 
around my house reminds me that my friend  is truly 
out there and only a phone call or email away.  Yes, 
many of us do call one another. There have even been 
calls to and from South Africa, England,  and Australia 
so far.

If you have never had the experience you can only
imagine how exciting it is.  I invite each of you to check 
us out, and if you do not find joy here with us, I wish 
you JOY with a group of friends somewhere on the 
'Net. Most of all I wish for you to feel the love I feel 
when I get my mail, answer the phone, or go to my 
snail mailbox.

When I first heard from a now long time friend, he told 
me he had 200 pen pals and I laughed and ignored him. 
I did not respond at first thinking he had no time for me. 
Today, I have now walked a mile in his shoes.  I even 
have met him.  Life is grand, God is good, and true 
friendships are Forever !

Thanks Susan for asking me to do this, for your
Audree/Auds to FF

Well Sandi got a hold of this letter,
and, true to form, she made a web page to share
this with all the Forever Friends members, so
they would know how she and I feel about them.


Originally posted Oct. 1999
Updated: April 2002

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